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CIA Exam Practice Questions - Certified Internal Auditor® 2019

The Internal Audit Foundation

CIA Exam Practice Questions - Certified Internal Auditor® 2019

The guide includes practice questions that will help develop knowledge of best practices in the industry, including questions specific to Mandatory Guidance of the IPPF and the Core Principles for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. The questions are representative of the format, length, and content of questions that a CIA candidate can expect to see on future exams. It will lay a foundation for continued improvement and advancement to prepare candidates to take their career to the next level by earning the CIA designation — the only globally recognized certification for internal auditors.

The CIA Exam Practice Questions includes:

  • Part 1: Essentials of Internal Auditing — 102 questions.
  • Part 2: Practice of Internal Auditing — 100 questions.
  • Part 3: Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing — 100 questions.

In addition, the guide provides an understanding of the underlying concepts of the CIA exam objectives with detailed explanations of each question. The guide will help candidates to understand why answers are correct and — just as important — why answers are incorrect.