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Where Knowledge is Shared

At The IIA’s Knowledge Centers, you’ll surround yourself with people, information, and ideas that spark something greater for the field of internal audit.

IIA Knowledge Centers

IIA Knowledge Centers are a stronghold for professionals seeking to stay on top of the issues and trends that matter most to themselves and stakeholders alike. These are networks that enable discourse, grow networks, and cultivate ideas that resonate throughout the entire field.

Here are just a few of the ways The IIA Knowledge Centers can help you grow your career:

  1. Exclusive Publications

    With a wide range of offerings from Knowledge Briefs to Audit Focus, you have access to the information that matters most to you.

  2. Industry Insights

    Valuable information for your industry, role, or field allow you to become more proficient in your career and more efficient in the eyes of stakeholders.

  3. Discover Industry News

    Stay informed on trends, breaking news, and The IIA’s latest advocacy efforts. This is the most current information, straight from the source.

  4. Peer Knowledge Sharing

    Share best practices and real-world solutions to become a stronger professional and to increase your value within your organization.

  5. Professional Development

    Dedicated training resources built specifically for the unique challenges that come your way.

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