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Access CCMS

Access CCMS

The IIA's Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS) is a powerful, user-friendly application to help you apply for, complete, and maintain your certifications and related information.

After you log in, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply for IIA certification programs.
  • Register for IIA certification examinations.
  • Review your certification status.
  • Review your next steps in the certification process.
  • Update your personal information.
  • Review your credential and exam history.
  • Contact IIA Customer Relations.

Cancelations and Reschedule Fee

Cancelations and Reschedule Fees Reinstated subtext: If you would like to cancel and reschedule your examination, PearsonVUE charges a $75 USD fee per occurrence (may be subject to additional local tax). If the test center is closed and the exam appointment is canceled by Pearson VUE the cancelation fee will be waived automatically.

Candidates whose programs will expire within the next 60 days must make an extension request by submitting a new case in the CCMS. For expirations greater than 60 days, an extension may be purchased in CCMS for an additional fee. All cases will be reviewed and approved on an individual basis. Please refer to the Certification Candidate Handbook for additional details.

Certifications Handbook

CCMS User Scenarios

For the most up-to-date information about test center information, please visit PearsonVUE's COVID-19 update page.

The test center has closed and you have received a cancelation notice from PearsonVUE Contact PearsonVUE directly at or you may reschedule in CCMS.
(Reschedule fees are waived.)
Your test center is open, but you would like to reschedule an existing appointment due to COVID-19 concerns Contact PearsonVUE directly at or you may reschedule in CCMS.
You would like to reschedule your existing appointment for other personal reasons Contact PearsonVUE directly at or you may reschedule in CCMS.
You need to extend your exam authorization or program window as it expires and you are unable to sit for your examination due to COVID-19 concerns Open a new Help case within your CCMS profile.
You have applied, but have not been approved into the program Please access CCMS and upload your supporting documents. If your application is expired, please open a new Help case in CCMS.
You have applied and approved into a program Register for an examination in CCMS.
You have registered but have not yet scheduled an examination. Contact PearsonVUE directly at or you may reschedule in CCMS.
Other special circumstance Please access CCMS and open a new Help case.


Exam Security

The IIA, the Professional Certifications Board, and Pearson VUE take exam security seriously because the value of your certification depends on it. That’s why IIA Global created an Exam Security Team to enhance processes and procedures and increase investigative measures to protect The IIA’s exam intellectual property (IP).

Unauthorized possession, reproduction, publication, or disclosure of any examination materials, including storing or disclosing examination questions to any person or entity by any means before, during, or after the examination, is prohibited by copyright laws and can result in candidate disqualification or other appropriate censure. Studying from recalled test content is also improper and can lead to severe penalties. If you are aware that an exam has been exposed, do not purchase such materials. Report the incident to The IIA at Additional information can be found on the Exam Security page or within the Certification Handbook.