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The IIA's Executive Membership caters to internal audit leaders with essential benchmarking tools, exclusive training, global networking, and solutions-based content.

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Internal Audit Benchmarking Tool

The IIA is proud to announce its new Internal Audit Benchmarking Tool. The benchmarking data gathered through the use of this tool will help audit leaders measure and compare their respective audit function's performance, practices, and processes with those of peers and industry leaders. This tool replaces Audit Intelligence Suite. 

Benchmarking Tool
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NEW! Pulse Check Survey: Use of Opinions

The IIA’s latest monthly Pulse Check survey dives into whether internal audit functions are including opinions and ratings in their final communications. Take one minute to provide your input through our five-question survey. Pulse Check, a colorful, one-page infographic available exclusively to Executive members, is designed to highlight CAEs’ perspectives, priorities, and needs.

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Pulse Check #5: Software Usage

To enhance and expand their abilities, some internal audit teams are now taking advantage of the many software solutions available on the market. From data analysis to report writing, nearly every responsibility of internal audit has an available software solution that can make it easier. For the latest Pulse Check, IIA executive members shared exactly how their functions are utilizing these solutions, as well as what responsibilities they still choose to accomplish manually.

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The Board's Role in Governing the Internal Audit Function

The proposed Global Internal Audit Standards™ provide requirements and recommendations to guide the professional practice of internal auditing and a basis for evaluating performance. This summary can help chief audit executives clarify, raise awareness about, and emphasize the importance of the governance roles and responsibilities of the board that enable the internal audit function to achieve its Purpose. The IIA encourages chief audit executives to use this document to discuss the proposed Global Internal Audit Standards with their boards.

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2023 North American Pulse of Internal Audit: Benchmarks for Internal Audit Leaders

A premier source of data for internal audit leaders, the Pulse of Internal Audit report provides insights about internal audit budgets, staff, audit plans, risks, and more. This year’s report also features all-new data about audit frequency for key risk areas. Internal audit leaders can use this benchmarking report year-round as they plan and manage their internal audit activities.

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