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Benchmarking and Best Practices

Professionals in all fields recognize that benchmarking and best practices are critical to their success. Seeing how common challenges are addressed by others; developing a network of peers to identify proven solutions; and accessing relevant and reliable data on staffing, budgets, technology, and more, is invaluable.

It is no different for internal audit leaders. CAEs should have access to a consistent and timely stream of information that helps them strengthen their departments and provides stakeholders with a yardstick to measure value. 

Pulse Check: This monthly resource, available exclusively to Executive members, highlights CAEs’ perspectives, priorities, and needs based on responses to monthly member surveys. Pulse Check assures a flow of timely data on topical issues presented in a colorful, easy-to-read, one-page infographic.

North American Pulse of Internal Audit: A premier source of data for internal audit leaders, the North American Pulse of Internal Audit report provides insights about internal audit budgets, staff, audit plans, risks, and more. Internal audit leaders can use this benchmarking report year-round as they plan and manage their internal audit activities.

Archived Peer Requests:  Peer Requests were customized surveys initiated by CAEs. While the new Pulse Check survey/infographic replaced the Peer Requests, Executive members continue to have access to Peer Request reports. Topics such as understanding audit cycles, compensation and performance reviews, third-party risk assessment, and strengthening ESG programs have been explored in Peer Request reports.