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ESG Frameworks, Regulations, and Risk: Internal Audit's Role in Bringing It All Together

Executive Webinar Playback Jan 09, 2024

The ESG regulatory landscape continues to evolve. There are many moving parts for internal audit practitioners to monitor and coordinate with other teams in their organizations. With the passing of two new California climate laws (SB-253 and SB-261), the expected finalization of the SEC’s climate change disclosure rules, and the consolidation among ESG standard setting bodies, internal audit professionals are increasingly being asked to understand ESG regulation. Combining these responsibilities with the lack of experience that many professionals may have in comprehensively understanding, evaluating, and minimizing risks creates a conducive environment for internal auditors to assist their organizations in establishing successful, coordinated ESG programs.

Learn how these new regulations are driving change and renewed collaboration opportunities for professionals working in internal audit, ESG, and financial reporting teams. Join this executive webinar and discover how to thoughtfully leverage COSO’s ICSR guidance and act proactively in this rapidly changing landscape.

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