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Group Membership

Join, Save, Succeed!

Enroll Your Audit Team—Group Membership

Organizations with as few as three eligible members can take advantage of substantial savings with an IIA Audit Group membership. Your team will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain new skills.
  • Stay up-to-date with the most pressing audit issues of the day.
  • Share leading practices with other organizations around the world.

NEW! Specialty Audit Centers Now Included with Membership

IIA membership now includes full access to our Specialty Audit Center resources at no additional cost. Members will discover a vast network of industry-specific content not available anywhere else, created and curated to keep today’s internal auditor influential, impactful, and indispensable.

Audit Group Membership U.S./Canada

Group Size Current Price Per Member
3 - 25 US$240
26 - 99 US$225
100+ US$210


Government Audit Group Program U.S./Canada

Group Size Current Price Per Member
3 - 25 US$180
26 - 99 US$170
100+ US$155


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