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Quality Assessment Manual for the Internal Audit Activity (QA Manual)

The Institute of Internal Auditors

Quality Assessment Manual for the Internal Audit Activity (QA Manual)

Streamlined Methodology for Performing Quality Assessments!

Revised by leading quality assessment methodology experts, along with an international team of reviewers, this updated Quality Assessment Manual broadens the focus to include all components of a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP). While the basic structure and concepts remain the same from the previous version, enhancements and additional implements have been added. Highlights include:

  • More clarity between a full assessment, a self-assessment with independent validation, and internal assessments. A new chapter has been added especially for internal assessments.
  • A streamlined planning process with clear differentiation between planning and fieldwork activities.
  • Appendices redesigned in a user-friendly format with clear linkage between all implements. Some have been redesigned to include evaluation of conformance, identification of successful internal audit practices, and opportunities for continuous improvement centrally located in one section.
  • A new document to facilitate the review of working papers by the assessor or assessment team.
  • A revised reporting format to more clearly present assessment results.
  • A new report specific to organizations that perform a self-assessment with independent validation.

This is a valuable resource for all organizations with a QAIP or for those entities responsible for conducting external assessments. It is a must-have reference for every internal audit activity and chief audit executive's resource library. 

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