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Global Internal Audit Standards, 2024 Edition

Global Internal Audit Standards, 2024 Edition

The Institute of Internal Auditors’ Global Internal Audit Standards™, The Redbook ™, guide the worldwide professional practice of internal auditing and serve as a basis for evaluating and elevating the quality of the internal audit function. The Standards are the key component of The IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework, which also includes Topical Requirements and Global Guidance. 

At the heart of the Global Internal Audit Standards are 15 guiding principles that enable effective internal auditing. Together, the principles and standards help internal auditors fulfill the Purpose of Internal Auditing.

Each standard contains: 

  • Requirements. 
  • Considerations for implementation. 
  • Examples of evidence of conformance.

The Standards are organized into five domains:

  • Domain I. Purpose of Internal Auditing.
  • Domain II. Ethics and Professionalism.
  • Domain III. Governing the Internal Audit Function.
  • Domain IV. Managing the Internal Audit Function.
  • Domain V. Performing Internal Audit Services. 

About the Author

The International Internal Audit Standards Board’s mission is to serve the public interest by developing, issuing, maintaining, and promoting the Global Internal Audit Standards on a worldwide basis. The Standards Board’s membership comprises certified, experienced, highly qualified internal audit practitioners, representing numerous countries and industries. The board sets standards by applying an extensive, ongoing due process that considers the interests of and incorporates input from stakeholders including other internal audit practitioners, industry experts, government bodies, regulatory agencies, and public representatives.

What’s the difference between the PDF and the eBook? 

The eBook which is accessed through our third-party platform, VitalSource, allows the user to experience greater readability. VitalSource eBooks are user friendly, feature full, and functional. 

With an eBook you will have: 

  • Easy access and storage via VitalSource.
  • User-friendly search, and improved interactivity.
  • Edit options to manipulate text size, font, background, and layout. 
  • Ability to annotate, bookmark, and create flashcards.

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