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Internal Audit: Vision 2035

Creating Our Future Together


The Internal Audit Foundation has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative called, Internal Audit: Vision 2035 – Creating Our Future Together. This project is designed to envision the future state of the Internal Audit profession and chart the steps necessary to make that future a reality.

Hear the Results

Join Anthony Pugliese, IIA CEO and President, and Terry Grafenstine, Senior Vice Chair of the Global Board of Directors, for a free to all webinar as they discuss the key findings, takeaways, and action items. With insights from today’s leaders, participants will gain a better understanding of our profession's trajectory and learn about tangible actions that can be taken today to realize the future in 2035.

DATE: Jul 31, 2024
TIME: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM ET

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Background & Project Overview


The Internal Audit profession has a long history of transforming with the changing demands of business. The rate of transformation is accelerating, and we need to work together to recognize and appreciate the capabilities that internal auditors will need in the future. To be truly future-ready, internal auditors need to understand and proactively anticipate change and its impact on the profession. The project aims to address critical questions, such as:

  • What will the future of the Internal Audit profession look like?
  • How will the role of the Internal Audit profession evolve, and what strategies are needed to enhance its value?

During the three research phases of the project, we will actively seek input and gather perspectives from Internal Auditors and their stakeholders around the globe.

Phase 1: Foundational research includes an examination of social media intelligence, a comprehensive review of previously conducted secondary research, as well as a 1.5-day Future Foresight session conducted at Global Headquarters.

Phase 2: The qualitative research phase involves the organization of 30 focus groups across all six regions, with a focus on individuals at varying career stages, students, and educators. Furthermore, insights from roundtable discussions with Affiliate Leaders at the Global Assembly and Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) at International Conference will be incorporated. Additionally, this project phase encompasses 20 in-depth interviews with key global stakeholders within the Internal Audit profession.

Phase 3: A quantitative survey based on the feedback and insights gathered during phases 1 and 2. This survey will be translated into multiple languages, including French, Canadian-French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Arabic to ensure a global reach. Our goal is to release the report late next year, providing a comprehensive overview of the findings.

While predicting the future is uncertain, this project recognizes the importance of taking action today to shape the future we want.

Project Milestones

We are pleased to report significant progress in shaping our collective future.


Global Collaboration

This project will help us prepare for the future by engaging a global group of experts, including volunteer leaders, representatives from the International Internal Audit Standards Board, The IIA’s Professional Certifications Board, the Internal Audit Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Committee of Research and Education Advisors, and representatives from regional bodies and IIA institutes.

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