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Proposed Global Internal Audit Standards Draft Now Open for Public Comment

Episode 6

All Things Internal Audit The IIA Mar 07, 2023

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Proposed Global Internal Audit Standards Draft Now Open for Public Comment

The recent release of a public comment draft of the new Global Internal Audit Standards™ reflects significant input from internal audit leaders and their stakeholders. Now it’s time for practitioners and other interested parties around the world to weigh in. IIA President and CEO Anthony Pugliese chats about this important opportunity for public input as the profession’s governing documents evolve.

Do stakeholders seem disinterested or even push back on your audit department’s reports? Author Margie Bastolla offers solutions from her soon-to-be-released book, Clarity, Impact, Speed: Delivering Audit Reports That Matter.

The move to hybrid or remote work environments requires leaders to adapt how they work with others, and how they deliver feedback also must evolve. Jeannette Buttler, MBA, CPA, CISSP, CISA has some tips to share on successfully leading and having difficult conversations with hybrid or remote teams.

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Writing Reports: 
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Managing Remote Teams: 
Three areas for managers to focus on when preparing to have a direct or difficult conversation.

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