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Small Audit Shops: Doing More with Less

Format: On-demand

Working for a small or mid-sized company does not necessarily change the risks involved in running that business versus other large companies.  If that small or mid-sized company also happens to be in a regulated industry, the burden on internal audit departments only increases. 

All audit departments have risk-based audits, regulatory required audits, and cyclical audits.  Private companies may escape Sarbanes-Oxley but often that makes minimal difference.  So how do small audit shops keep up?  What are the unique challenges smaller audit shops face?  What are some innovative ways they can do more with less?  Find out in this webinar adaptation.

In this session participants will:

  • Identify unique challenges for smaller regulated companies.
  • Explore ways for smaller audit shops to do more with less.
  • Discover innovative techniques to help smaller audit shops.

This course is an adaptation of a webcast from January 26, 2023.

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