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Audit Leadership Bundle

Format: On-demand

Managing the internal audit function goes beyond ensuring adequate funding, staffing, and training. Internal audit fills a strategic and central role in organizations, and has become deeply involved in organizational governance, risk management, and control. As such, managing internal audit requires the appropriate skills, and an overall knowledge of internal audit Standards, and the ability to provide objective assurance to the board that is serves. This Audit Leadership bundle is specifically tailored for the audit manager and the CAE; it introduces the core elements of the Standards as they pertain to these roles. In addition, these courses caution CAEs not to ignore, overlook, or misunderstand organizational political pressure and organizational culture, as both are a large part of an organization’s governance and fundamental risk management efforts. This training bundle includes the following courses: 

  1. Breaking Down the Standards for the CAE 
  2. Auditing Culture and Conduct 
  3. Auditing IT Governance 
  4. Ethical Behaviors 
  5. Ethical Scenarios for Internal Auditors 
  6. Organizational Political Pressure 
  7. Understanding Risk Management Frameworks 

To learn more about each course comprising the bundle- including specific learning objectives- please visit the unique course product pages.

NOTE: This bundle is a time investment of approximately 10.8 hours of learner time, which translates to 12.2 CPE hours.

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