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IIA Co-founder Victor Brink to Be Inducted into Hall of Fame

IIA Co-founder Victor Brink to Be Inducted into Hall of Fame

American Accounting Association will honor Brink as a pioneer in modern internal auditing

Victor Z. BrinkLAKE MARY, Fla. (Feb. 17, 2020) — The American Accounting Association, which represents the largest community of accountants in academia, announced that the late Victor Z. Brink, co-founder and a former president of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), will be inducted posthumously into the Accounting Hall of Fame.

Brink, who died in 1992, is credited with development of The IIA in 1941 along with John B. Thurston, Robert B. Milne and others. Brink’s “Internal Auditing,” the first major and widely accepted textbook on internal auditing, was based on his doctoral dissertation published earlier the same year. He played a number of roles with The IIA over his career, including as international president in 1950-51, chairman of the International Planning Committee, Director of Research, chairman of the Committee on Relations with Other Organizations, and chairman of the International Executive Committee.

“The IIA – indeed, modern internal auditing – might not exist if not for the commitment and foresight of Victor Brink,” said current IIA President and CEO Richard F. Chambers. “Internal auditing was just beginning to establish itself, and two major events – Victor’s book and his determined efforts with others to form our organization – marked a major turning point for the internal audit profession. It is a distinct honor for The IIA to see Victor inducted into the AAA’s Hall of Fame.”