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Previous Award Winners

Larry B. Sawyer Scholarship Winners

*Formally the Esther R. Sawyer Research Award 

2019 Award Recipients

1st Place

Jiamei Elizabeth Feng, Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA

2nd Place

Cindy Beck, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

3rd Place

Elizabeth White, Kennesaw State University, Georgia, USA

2018 Award Recipients

1st Place

Ellen Waterman, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

2nd Place

Raluca Alexandra Popescu, University at Buffalo, USA


3rd Place

Anupam Gupta, the University of Texas at Dallas, USA

2017 Award Recipients

1st Place

Kyle Januszkiewicz, University at Buffalo, USA

2nd Place

Andrew John Hagen, Louisiana State University, USA


3rd Place

Wanyin Yan, University at Buffalo, USA 

2016 Award Recipient

Lancelot H. Giles, The University of Texas at Dallas

2015 Award Recipient

Amanda Gates Carlson, Bentley University, USA

2014 Award Recipient

Andrew Carmichael, Louisiana State University

2013 Award Recipient

Douglas G. Secrest, Louisiana State University

2012 Award Recipient

Jonathan E. Bayhi, Louisiana State University, USA

2011 Award Recipient

Rachel Bond, Louisiana State University, USA

2010 Award Recipient

Richard Millichip, Birmingham City University, UK

2009 Award Recipient

Emily Ray, University of Texas-Dallas

2008 Award Recipient

Marianze Roux, University of Pretoria

2007 Award Recipient

John Hall, University of Texas-Dallas

2006 Award Recipient

Tiffany Daykin, University of Texas-Dallas

2005 Award Recipient

Sharmain Solomon, University of Central England

2004 Award Recipient

David A. Wood, Brigham Young University

2003 Award Recipient

Jared S. Soileau, Louisiana State University

2002 Award Recipient

Eric J. Williams, Brigham Young University

2001 Award Recipient

Scott Fargason, Louisiana State University

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