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It’s a Great Day to Make Someone’s Day

Support the future of profession today

There’s still time to make an end of year tax deductible donation to support the future of the internal audit profession.

The Internal Audit Foundation provides funding for academic programs, grants, and scholarships that encourage students to pursue a career in internal auditing and support educators teaching an internal audit curriculum.

Don’t just take our word for it! Students and professors from around the world are sharing their thanks for the Internal Audit Foundation Academic Fund. Watch testimonials that capture our mission.

Learn how Marit and her classmates at LSU had incredible opportunities thanks to the Internal Audit Foundation Academic Fund.

Without the collective generosity of our donors and partners, our critical work in support of the profession would not be possible.

Here are some examples of what you can help us “DO” as a DONOR.

  • Support educational initiatives that promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive profession.
  • Focus on global research initiatives to support practitioners.
  • Fund academic advancement programs to engage students and empower educators.

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