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It’s Not Bragging if You Back It Up

It’s okay to be proud of everything you do in the field of internal audit, and no one is here to help shine a spotlight on everything you do better than The IIA. We’ve made it easy to promote your profession and spread the word about the importance of internal audit.

Advocacy: A Global Messenger of Internal Audit's Value

Internal audit’s role in supporting effective governance is vital in today’s fast-moving and dynamic business world. Advocacy is the key to building the next-generation internal auditor – one who adds value to the organization while upholding the ethics and standards of the profession. Learn more about the centerpiece of The IIA’s advocacy efforts – the Global Advocacy Platform and toolkit.

Promoting The Profession

Even though we’re always proud of what we do, we really kick things up in May for International Audit Awareness Month. We’ve got the essential tools, planning resources, and engaging content needed to help you and your peers better advocate for the world of internal audit. Put more eyes on internal audit in May using our awareness resources, position papers, and thought leadership below.

Take the celebration even further by promoting the profession on social media. Whether on our Facebook page, where you’ll find photos of others celebrating International Internal Audit Awareness Month, or on Twitter using #IIAMay, there’s plenty of ways to spread the word.

Building Awareness Champion Program

For the chapters that like to take things a step further, the Building Awareness Champion program recognizes those chapters that go the extra mile to celebrate all things internal audit. Any chapter that successfully completes this program will receive a specially designed Building Awareness Champion digital award. All applications must be submitted by 30 June each year.


Tools for the Building Awareness Champion Program

North America Criteria   Outside North America Criteria   Sample Magazine Ad  

Breakroom Flyer   Internal Audit Toolkit   Digital Ads


Promoting the Profession and Building Awareness Resources

Position Papers

Share thought-provoking content to inform and educate stakeholders on issues of importance.


Thought Leadership

Get a complimentary subscription to Tone at the Top, a newsletter covering all governance-related topics.