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Activity-Based Recognitions  

Awarding affiliates with activities that grow the Internal Audit as a profession.


Affiliate(s) that have developed or shared products, services, or resources to assist other Affiliate’s growth.

Efforts & Impact: Evidence should include how/what resources were shared and how it has contributed to the growth of the receiving Affiliate and/or the profession.


Affiliate(s) that have implemented innovative ways to engage with members and stakeholders.

Originality/Quality of Innovation & Impact: Entry should provide details of the challenges the implementation was supposed to address, the way in which it has met or exceeded expectations, and clear evidence of exemplary results.

Leadership (Staff/Volunteers)

A recognition for a group of affiliates’ staff/volunteers who have achieved exceptional results because of their leadership or strategic skills. This recognition should not be for a named individual but for an affiliate team.

Efforts & Impact: Evidence should include examples of parties involved that have completed a successful project(s) and how it has contributed to the growth of the Affiliate and/or the profession.

DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

This recognition is designed to encourage DE&I values and behaviors at the board level or/and in the promotion of the profession locally which results in a positive impact on the Affiliate’s culture and/or membership.

Efforts & Impact: Evidence
should provide details of the initiative and how it has impacted the Affiliate’s culture and/or membership.

Ready to Apply?

Recognition Recipients will be celebrated during Global Assembly. The Activity-Based category recognizes qualified Affiliates that show leadership or have a range of activities and initiatives in the following four areas: Collaboration; Innovation; DE&I; and Leadership of staff/volunteers (local unsung heroes).

When applying, please choose the category that most closely fits the activity you are submitting for consideration. Please review the Application Guide for more information.

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Recent Recognitions


View our recognition recipients. 


2022 Milestone-based recipient
IIA Greece 25 years
Affiliation with The IIA

2022 Milestone-based recipient
IIA Netherlands 25 years
Affiliation with The IIA

2022 Milestone-based recipient
IIA Italy 50 years
Affiliation with The IIA