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Internal Auditing Education Partnership Program

Responding to the growing interest in internal audit education at institutions of higher learning.

The Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) program was developed to respond to the growing interest in internal audit education at institutions of higher learning. The program also addresses a general need of practitioners interested in hiring students who possess a well-rounded skill set for conducting internal auditing.

The IAEP program prepares students with the skills and knowledge to help them conduct basic internal audits immediately upon hire, as well as provide a foundation to begin preparing for the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) examination.

IAEP program schools teach an internal auditing curriculum within a degree program (undergraduate or post-graduate) endorsed by The IIA. The schools have gone through a rigorous application process and are monitored by a subcommittee of The Internal Audit Foundation’s Academic Relations Team. A solid partnership among the school, the local IIA chapter/Institute, and The IIA help ensure the success of the IAEP program at the university.

Each country has its own governance over the establishment and charter of institutions of higher learning. These tertiary schools usually work toward accreditation, which is a voluntary review of educational institutions, processes, and programs, to demonstrate their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive review process by international, national, regional, or private accrediting bodies. The IIA accepts these accrediting bodies as assurance that the schools applying for IAEP status maintain relevant missions and objectives, adhere to high-quality standards, provide high-quality education methods and teachers, provide adequate student-faculty interaction, and produce graduates competent in the disciplines they are pursuing.

* Support of The IIA’s Academic Relations efforts is made possible through the Academic Fund.