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Chapter News and Events

2024, May 8: CPE Seminar “Auditing the Second Line”

Internal Audit must evaluate and contribute to the improvement of governance, risk management, and control processes. If certain Second Line functions are deemed critical to monitoring and/or providing assurance on the effectiveness of risk management and internal control, Internal Audit must evaluate the effectiveness of those functions relative to this objective. This session focuses on key areas which need to be considered when auditing the Second Line, and addresses the safeguards which must be implemented if Internal Audit is also assuming the role of Second Line.

2024, April 17: Sponsorship Agreement with PwC Malta

IIA Malta is pleased to announce that it has signed a platinum sponsorship agreement with PwC Malta for a period up to 31 December 2024.

2023, November 27: CPE Seminar “CSRD & ESRSs – An Update”

The enacted Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) mandates large and most listed companies in the EU, including Malta, to adopt sustainability reporting, with disclosure requirements governed by the approved European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRSs). Internal auditors will play a crucial role in the successful implementation of the CSRD and ESRSs. This online seminar was intended for internal auditors to gain knowledge of this Directive and related Standards and to keep abreast of developments on the topic.

2023, October 26: CPE Seminar “Fraud Prevention and Detection”

Environmental, geopolitical, financial and social pressures are creating a risk landscape that is more volatile than ever. This volatility complicates the challenge of preventing fraud and other economic crime. As organisations act quickly to navigate change, bad actors look to exploit the potentially widening cracks in fraud defences. This online seminar has focused on the types of fraud, the perpetrators and how to detect them. The session also addressed how companies can prepare, prevent and respond to fraud to emerge stronger.

2023, July 31: CPE Seminar "Auditing Corporate Governance"

An online seminar was held for internal auditors on the topic of corporate governance. The session focused on how internal audit strengthens corporate governance through risk-based audits and its key role in assessing Board effectiveness and succession thereof, internal control functions, stakeholder engagement and the corporate culture. The session considered specific corporate governance aspects, such as the level of interaction between the Board and senior management, including the communication between the Chairperson of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer.

2023, July 7–9: Attendance to the IIA Global Assembly 2023

IIA Malta was invited to attend the 2023 Global Assembly "Where it all Comes Together". Alex Azzopardi attended the 2-day assembly where a number of topics were discussed including the vision for the profession to be achieved by 2035, an update on the evolution of the IPPF, and new avenues of collaboration between the affiliates.

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