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Internal Audit in a Post COVID World: Part 3, Redefining the Resilient Organization

Global Knowledge Brief The IIA Sep 08, 2022

Internal Audit in a Post-COVID World

Part 3: Redefining the Resilient Organization

This Global Knowledge Brief, the last in a series of three that examine risks in a post-COVID 19 environment, offers a careful review of lessons learned that may help internal auditors prepare for the next major disruption. Looking closely at three broad areas of consideration, in particular, yields practical insight:

  • What are the attributes of a resilient organization?
  • How can internal auditors help lead their organizations toward greater resilience?
  • How can internal audit increase the resilience of the audit function itself?

With the benefit of actionable steps distilled from each of these areas, auditors can better equip themselves to help address potential challenges. Understanding how to enhance resilience is essential as organizations confront large-scale disruptions that seem to occur at an increasing cadence.


The Institute of Internal Auditors