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Announcing the AI Knowledge Center

NewsRelease The IIA Dec 18, 2023

IIA Launches an AI Knowledge Center

AI has moved to the forefront of internal audit regarding auditing and use. In response, The IIA has developed a centralized source on with helpful categories for members to find the tools and insights they need. New resources will be added regularly.

The IIA is releasing three new tools with the launch of the Center.

IIA’s Updated Auditing Framework

The IIA’s updated AI Auditing Framework will help you understand risks and identify best practices and internal controls for AI.

Artificial Intelligence 101 for Internal Auditors

This guide provides a basic understanding of AI and the language necessary to begin building that understanding.

ChatGPT for Internal Auditors

Part of The IIA’s new Artificial Intelligence 101 series, this guide provides internal auditors with use cases, sample prompts, and key considerations when using natural language processing (NLP) tools.   

Access these tools and more.


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