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CAE Bulletin Issue: August 21, 2023

CAE Bulletin The IIA Aug 16, 2023

Articles in this issue: New SEC Cybersecurity Rule Requires Breaches to Be Reported Within Four Days; Data Breach Costs Are at an All-Time High, But AI Is Helping in Detection, IBM Says; New York City Adopts First Law in US That Aims to End Bias in HR Systems Using AI; IAASB Proposes New Standard for Providing Sustainability and Climate Assurance; External Audit Fees Have Tripled Over the Past 20 Years, New Report Shows; Instead of Taking Jobs, AI Might Actually Increase Headcount, KPMG Survey Shows; Audits With Deficiencies Increased for Second Year in a Row, PCAOB Report Says; HBR Article: Leadership Programs Should Teach Three Core Areas to Rewire Brains.


The Institute of Internal Auditors