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All Things Internal Audit: Pulse Report Reactions and Data-Driven Decisions!

All Things Internal Audit The IIA Apr 06, 2023

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Pulse Report Reactions and Data-Driven Decisions! 

The 2023 North American Pulse of Internal Audit report was released recently, and the IIA’s Harold Silverman shares the findings that resonated most with internal audit leaders.

At the recent GAM Conference, many learning sessions featured practical tips on using data to work more efficiently and intelligently. Nicole Huie of the Internal Audit Foundation speaks with GAM presenters Pat Ferrell and Ben Getz of RLI Corporation on Using Data to Perform Corporate Risk Assessments.

A critical part of successfully integrating technology and innovation into internal audit is having the right metrics. Jaimie Yang discusses Defining Metrics That Matter with Sarah Kuhn of Phillips Petroleum.

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Using Data to Perform Corporate Risk Assessments:
Pat Ferrell and Ben Getz of RLI Corporation describe how to leverage understanding of initial risk vs. cumulative risk when building the audit plan.

Defining Metrics that Matter:
Sarah Kuhn of Phillips Petroleum shares a five-step process to help internal audit accurately measure performance.

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