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Quality Assessments Full-Scope External Quality Assessment

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Full-Scope External Quality Assessment

The most comprehensive external assessment approach is the Full-Scope External Quality Assessment (EQA) which supports not only conformance to Standard 1312, but also provides an objective assessment of the internal audit activity’s effectiveness, while enabling the internal audit activity to better meet and exceed the expectations of stakeholders throughout the organization.

This method provides for a qualified, independent team led by an experienced audit professional. Our Assessment Teams are comprised of competent, tenured audit professionals who are well-versed in the Standards, assessment methodology, and successful internal audit practices. The Assessment Team may work on-site at the internal audit activity’s office or remotely via our virtual service offering  Our Assessment Teams use the Quality Assessment Manual for the Internal Audit Activity to conduct stakeholder interviews and review audit reports and associated work papers. A report is drafted by the Assessment Team that states the internal audit activity’s conformance or nonconformance with the Standards and summarizes successful practices, conformance gaps, and improvement opportunities.

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