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​Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients

​Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients

Year ​Dissertation/Recipient

“Effects of Management Training Ground and Internal Audit Service Type on External Auditors’ Reliance on Internal Auditors’ Work”
Xiaobing Li, The University of Scranton

"An Investigation of the Tactics Used to Create Collusive Fraud Teams"
Lisa Haylon, The University of Scranton


“RPA in Accounting Risk and Internal Control Governance: Insights from RPA Program Managers”
Gregory Kogan, The University of Scranton


“Mitigating Greenwashing: The Role of Audit Committees and Internal Audits in ESG Reporting Assurance”
Ahmed Shawky Mohammed, Durham University Business School, UK and Emlyon Business School, France

​2019 ​“The Complexity of Corporate Governance and Its Impact on Internal Audit Independence”
Lily Bi, University of South Florida
​2019 ​“The Effects of Internal Audit Management Training Ground and Reporting Relationships on Internal Auditor’s Judgments”
Joy Chacko, The University of Scranton
​2018 “Internal Controls Disclosure and nonprofit organizations information environment: Evidence from Canadian Nonprofits”
Sebastian Piroro, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Business and Economics- Antwerp, Belgium
​2017 “The Audit Committee’s Relationship with the Internal Audit Function: Evidence from Audit Committee Charters”
Jacob Jaggi, University of Arizona
​2017 ​“The Use of Data Analytics in Internal Audit to Improve Decision-Making: An Investigation of Data Visualizations and Data Source”
Megan Seymore, MBA, CPA, University of North Texas
​2016 ​​“Exploration of the Effectiveness of the Internal Audit Function in New Zealand”
Nishaal Prasad, The University of Auckland Business School
​2015 ​“Internal Controls for External Risks: Reputational Control Theory”
Jesus Rodolfo Jimenez Andrade, Case Western Reserve University
​2014 ​“Professional Skepticism and Fraud Risk Assessment: An Internal Auditing Perspective”
Porschia Nkansa, University of Memphis
​2013 ​“The Effect of the Internal Auditor’s Dual Identities on the Ability to Identify and Assess Internal Control Weaknesses”
Ian Burt, University of Waterloo (Ontario)
​2013 “Does Internal Audit Function Quality Deter Management Misconduct?”
Matthew Ege, University of Texas at Austin
2012​ “The Role of Internal Audit in the Corporate Governance Process”
Sylvie Harbour, Université Laval, Québec City, Canada
​2011 ​​“When Is Computerized Continuous Auditing Less Effective at Deterring Fraud?”
George C. Gonzalez, University of Pittsburgh
​2011 ​​“The Effects of Internal Audit Report Type and Reporting Relationship on Internal Auditors’ Judgments”
Douglas M. Boyle, Kennesaw State University
2010​ "ERM: Adoption, Performance Benefits, and Disclosure Effect"
Jared Soileau, University of Memphis
2009​ "Characteristics of Internal Audits and Fraud Detection"
Kasey Martin, University of Texas at San Antonio
2008​ "The Effects of Reputation Threat and Whistle-Blowing Report Source on Chief Audit Executives’ Investigation Decisions"
Cynthia P. Guthrie, CPA, MBA, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business
2007​ "Do Controls Cause a False Sense of Security?: Biased Residual Risk Assessment and Unwarranted Risk-taking Due to Over-reliance on Control Systems"
Margaret Christ, CIA, CPIM, University of Texas at Austin
2005​ "Corporate Governance and Internal Auditing in Greece"
Andreas Koutoupis, Panteios University of Social & Political Sciences
2005​ "The Economic Effects of Section 404 of the Sarbanes- Oxley Act of 2002"
Jim Irving, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2004​ "The Impact of Section 404 on Internal Auditing"
Richard R. Clune Jr., Case Western Reserve University
2004​ "Internal Control Systems in Bulgarian Banking Corporations"
Anelia Grigorova, University of Economics-Varna, Bulgaria


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