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How to Submit a Proposal

Proposal Submission Guidelines

The Internal Audit Foundation is the global leader in providing research and knowledge resources to enhance the internal audit profession.

The Foundation continually monitors the needs of the internal audit profession and its stakeholders to identify high-priority topics for further research and seeks both qualified researchers and authors to assist in conducting research and communicating findings. The Foundation posts Requests for Proposals for upcoming projects.

Research Projects focus on discovering new information about the internal audit profession using academic research methods such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies, literature review, and data analysis. Whenever possible, research projects should include implications or applications for practitioners.

Unsolicited Topic Proposals may also be submitted for topics that are not directly related to the posted RFPs. Proposals are reviewed throughout the year and funding decisions are finalized in December. The number of projects selected for funding will depend on the quality and number of proposals received and the amount of funds requested and available.

The following proposal guidelines are for an unsolicited research project idea. Please note that proposals with a global scope are encouraged.

The review process normally lasts 4–6 weeks, but may take longer.

Return your proposal as a Microsoft Word document or PDF via email to

If additional information is needed, please contact the Foundation:

Thank you for your interest in the Internal Audit Foundation. We look forward to working with you.


The Internal Audit Foundation is the global leader in providing research and knowledge resources to enhance the internal audit profession.

Proposals should not exceed five pages exclusive of the summary page and appendices described below, and should be organized as follows:

  1. Proposal Summary Page
    1. Name of the priority topic being addressed.
    2. Research type (applied or theoretical).
    3. Proposal title. (This title should be specific to the proposal, not the same as the name of the priority topic.)
    4. Date proposal was submitted.
    5. Primary researcher’s name, contact information, and credentials.
    6. Proposal abstract. (This should be one to two paragraphs, including research need, primary audience, methodology, and a description of the primary deliverable.)
  2. Project Description
    1. Research questions (and hypotheses if applicable).
    2. Application/implications for internal auditors.
    3. Topics/issues.
    4. Methodology. (Explain how the proposed methodology will answer the research question. Include drafts of surveys or interview guides in appendices. An incomplete methodology will cause a research proposal to be returned.)
    5. Sample size and description.
  3. Research Team and Budget Description
    1. Proposed research team members with a brief description of their roles and qualifications. (Describe research capabilities and/or academic qualifications related to the topic. An internal auditor should be on the research team.)
    2. Time frame.
    3. Budget. (Give itemized budget and tell who receives funds.)
  4. Deliverable Description
    1. Report Length
    2. Primary and secondary audience.
    3. Other possible content uses.
  5. Appendices
    1. First draft of the interview guide, survey questions, and/or analysis methodology (if applicable).
    2. Curriculum vitae (CV) for each researcher (three pages maximum).
    3. Previous researcher affiliation with The IIA (previous research or educational products produced, volunteer participation, chapter officer, etc.).

Submit proposals via email to:

Further information:, Tel: +1-407-937-1356, Fax: +1-407-937-1101

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