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Future Focused: Unpacking the SEC Climate-Risk Disclosure Rule

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Rapid Response Webinar The IIA Nov 10, 2023

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Pre-register for our public webinar to delve into the evolving ESG agenda of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The imminent final vote on the Climate-Risk Disclosure Rule could reshape reporting requirements for registrants, altering how climate risks are reported and sustainable business practices are defined. Our expert-led panel will help you:

In this session, participants will:

Explore the newly released SEC Climate Disclosure Ruling by identifying companies that would be covered under this ruling and specific areas of disclosures, including:

  • Applicability thresholds.
  • Scope 1-2 GHG emissions.
  • Transition and determination of materiality for Scope 3 GHG emissions.
  • Requirement of Independent Third-Party Auditor.
  • Timelines for Limited Assurance and phased-in Reasonable Assurance Audits.
  • Learn about interoperability between the new ruling and existing sustainability reporting frameworks.
  • Discover key similarities and differences between the new ruling and existing sustainability regulatory regimes, such as EU CSRD and California Climate Disclosures.
  • Understand the role of internal audit within an organization’s ERM sustainability strategy and ESG reporting in alignment with The IIA’s Three Lines Model.
  • Recognize the value of sustainability risk management as a strategic management tool.




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