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Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Banking Crisis Again

What's Changed and What can Internal Auditors Learn

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Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse is one of the largest U.S. banking failures and the first major one since 2008. As this situation evolves, it is important to understand the root causes and lessons learned for internal audit so that our profession can help mitigate these risks in the future.

Hear our panel of banking experts as they discuss the importance of the internal auditor’s role in assessing risk and what can be learned. Join our free webinar as we provide guidance on the risk management processes and internal audit techniques needed for a rapidly changing financial landscape.

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Webinar Host


Dana Lawrence, CIA, CRMA, CFSA, CAMS, CRVPM 


Dana Lawrence is the Director of Fintech Compliance at Pacific West Bank and Advisor for Fideseo. She is a recognized expert and leader in complex compliance, enterprise risk management (ERM), internal audit and governance program creation, and scaling and remediation. Her career in technology and financial services spans mortgage, community banking, large US and global banks, Open Banking partners, and Fintech, including Umpqua, Bank of the Cascades, BBVA and others, ranging in size from $2B to $660B in assets. She’s held senior leadership roles, working directly with banking regulators and internal/external auditors.  


J. Johnson, CIA, CPA 
Assistant General Auditor, PNC Bank 


J. has been an Assistant General Auditor at PNC since mid-2021.  Prior to that, he was Director of Internal Audit at BBVA USA, with audit responsibilities for capital, liquidity, market, and other financial risks.  He was responsible for developing the capital audit program at BBVA, and has over a decade of experience in capital adequacy auditing.   


Ernesto Martinez CIA, CRM 
Santander Group 
Group Executive Vice President - Internal Audit 


Ernesto has more than twenty-seven years’ experience in the financial sector, working extensively all over the world; first as an external auditor and consultant on Big 4 firms and then in Santander where he has worked as a senior risk analyst and financial control VP at Santander Investment Bank. Ernesto also has more than twenty years in Internal Auditing. He has worked as a volunteer in the IIA network and served as Chairman of the Spanish Institute, and is currently a member of the Global Board and Vice Chairman of Finance. 

Dr. Mark Carawan
Senior Advisor, PriceWaterhouseCoopers


Mark Carawan has extensive global experience in governance, risk management, regulatory compliance, audit, ethics, conduct, and culture. He is a Senior Advisor at PwC; Senior Fellow at the New York University School of Law Program for Corporate Compliance and Enforcement; and Board member and Chair of the Board Audit Committee at The Bank of London.



In this session, participants will:

  • Consider the elements associated with the collapse of SVB, Signature Bank and others.
  • Discuss varying types of risk and how they apply to this unfolding situation.
  • Hear best practices required for larger financial institutions, including stress testing and its benefits for smaller organizations.
  • Reflect on the staffing and key risk positions to ensure the leadership and expertise are sufficient to assess and mitigate threats.


  • Market risks.
  • Enterprise risk assessments.
  • Concentration risks.
  • Liquidity risk management.
  • Asset and liability management (ALM).
  • Stress testing.