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Clarity, Impact, Speed: Delivering Audit Reports that Matter, 2nd Edition

Clarity, Impact, Speed: Delivering Audit Reports that Matter, 2nd Edition

Report development sparks more frustration and debate among auditors than almost any other auditing task.  For audit staff and managers, writing is arduous, the editing process is frustrating, and the next audit is already calling. For audit executives,  report review and revision is time-consuming and burdensome. Clarity, Impact, Speed: Delivering Audit Reports that Matter, 2nd Edition, addresses these challenges and more.

Readers will learn to:

  • Develop reports that focus on the reader.
  • Organize the various report sections and key messages.
  • Select the appropriate report format.
  • Write precise, impactful executive summaries.
  • Create logical, complete, and impactful audit observations.
  • Use wording that is clear, concise, and strategic.
  • Use visuals effectively.
  • Reduce report edits and rewrites.
  • Quicken report issuance using agile auditing principles.

The book’s chapters include:

  • Introduction to Reporting.
  • Report Structure.
  • The Reporting Process.
  • Developing The Report Content.
  • Strategies For Reviewing And Editing.
  • Writing Quality.
  • Report Format.
  • Clarity, Impact, Speed teaches proven approaches that make reports easier to write, easier to read, and easier to implement.  It will be of interest to preparers (internal auditors and compliance professionals) and users (senior management and audit committee members.)

About the Author

Margie Bastolla, CIA, is a trainer and consultant who helps internal audit and compliance departments write clear, impactful reports; reduce report revisions; and quicken report issuance. Working in more than 40 countries, she has taught thousands of auditors in hundreds of organizations to think critically and write clearly. Margie also helps organizations design reports that meet their readers’ needs. Her training and consulting clients include the Fortune 500, the U.S. military, international agencies, and many private and public sector organizations globally. 

Before forming her training company, Margie Bastolla Facilitations, she spent 20 years in executive and leadership roles at The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in Lake Mary, Florida. Previous to The IIA, Margie was an internal auditor for Worthen Banking Corporation and a public accountant for Deloitte in Little Rock, Arkansas. She lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Anthony.

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