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Alteryx for Excel Users: Basic Programming Concepts

Format: On-demand

This course will be an overview of:

  • Basic programming concepts found in programming languages like Excel and Alteryx
  • Data types in Excel and Alteryx
  • Reading and writing variables in Excel and Alteryx
  • Functions (formulas) in Excel and Alteryx
  • Loops in Excel and Alteryx
  • Conditional statements in Excel and Alteryx

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Match data types from Excel to data types in Alteryx.
  • Define a variable in Alteryx and understand the parallel to a cell in Excel.
  • Reference values in existing variables inside functions in Alteryx and understand the parallel in Excel.
  • Use conditional statements in Alteryx.
  • Write functions / formulas in Alteryx.
  • Use iterative macros (for loops) in Alteryx and understand the parallel to copying formulas over cell ranges in Excel.

Available Formats