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Auditing IT Change Management

Format: On-demand

IT change management refers to the process in which an organization’s technology changes; the effects that the changes have on systems, programs, or applications; and how the changes are managed. Change management in the IT environment is critical for organizational success. Organizations are bombarded with change requests — not only to improve or update existing application functionality, but also to implement necessary patches to help secure those applications; and in some cases, to comply with relevant regulatory requirements. Managing the flow of requests should be handled efficiently and effectively to avoid mishaps, rework, unintended consequences, or even system failure.

This course delivers an introduction to governance, risks, and controls associated with IT change management; how to assess the operational efficiency of processes involving change management; and how to provide assurance over IT change management. Participants will discover tools that will help them to obtain and evaluate evidence of accurate change management assertions, and foster an environment for organizational success.

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