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Auditing the Cybersecurity Program

Format: On-demand

With cyber-attacks growing at alarming rates around the globe, and data breaches increasing by 37 percent in just on quarter (according to Statista) at a staggering average cost of $4.24 million USD (according to IBM), it is no wonder law makers are focusing on cyber-focused regulations.  
International laws including EU’s GDPR, German IT Security Law, and US Principles for Cyber Incident Reporting, and US Global Cyber Incident Reporting Policy Principles are a few examples where governments world-wide are articulating the need for strong cyber controls and increased transparency regarding cyber-related incidents. Additional proposals are under consideration by governments around the world including the proposed SEC cyber reporting rules. With the increased scrutiny, it is in the strategic best interest of both public and private organizations to audit their cybersecurity programs.
Internal audit should play a key role in supporting the organization in reducing cyber risk. Cybersecurity program auditing can serve as the critical barrier between a potential cyber-attack and the organization. Due to the cost, risk, and reputational damage that can result from a cyber incident or data breach, every organization needs a cyber strategy and response plan.
This certificate program is comprised of 12 modular courses:
Auditing the Cybersecurity Program Certificate
Auditing Storage Management Solutions and Containers
Auditing Digital Transformation and Digitization Programs
Auditing the Vulnerability Management Program
Auditing the Patch Management Program
Auditing Automation
Auditing API and Web Services
Auditing Privileged Access Management
Auditing DevSecOps
Auditing Continuous Monitoring
Auditing Red, Blue, and Purple Team Testing
Auditing the Security Operations Center
Participants who complete all course modules are eligible to sit for the certificate exam which is administered on The IIA’s LMS platform.

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