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Computer Operations

Format: On-demand

The heart of the technology department is the computer operations center and its associated activities. Though what falls within the department’s title of Computer Operations may vary, the activities that make the operations of the IT department are the same. IT operations include a host of services ― from help desk and job scheduling to system monitoring and network management. Internal auditors need a basic understanding of each aspect of computer operations and IT service management. Without this knowledge, internal auditors may not fully comprehend the possible threats and subsequent potential risks, and may lack the ability to assess the design or effectiveness of controls in place.

This course introduces internal auditors to the typical activities, risks, and controls associated with computer operations and the critical aspects of IT service management. Further, this course guides internal auditors in building proficiencies for performing assurance services in a computer operations environment, including computer operations management and IT service management, by describing the general IT competencies needed by today’s internal auditors.

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