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Microsoft® Excel: Introduction to formulas


This course is for Microsoft® Windows Excel 2013 and newer versions, including 365. This course will be an overview of:

  • Navigating worksheets, workbooks, entering and copying simple formulas.
  • Understanding the difference between absolute and relative addressing.
  • Understand Excel’s order in performing mathematical operations.
  • Set up complex dynamic spreadsheets where a variable changes over time.

Becker’s Microsoft® Excel Series features Wayne Winston, Microsoft® Press author for more than a decade with 40 teaching awards for his instruction. Wayne is sought out by many of the Big 4 and larger corporations to bring their personnel to a level playing field with Microsoft® Excel, necessary today for success in the accounting profession.

Wayne’s success as a Microsoft® Excel instructor is closely tied to his teaching style that has students watch and then do realistic, engaging problems in the software. Students learn through using Microsoft® Excel to cement their understanding before progressing to the next building block.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Learn how to navigate cells and worksheets.
  • Learn how to enter simple formulas.
  • Learn how to copy formulas.
  • Learn about logical formulas.
  • Learn about Order of Operations.
  • Master absolute and relative addressing.
  • Set up dynamic spreadsheet models.

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