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Why Internal Auditors Should Think Like a Prosecutor

Format: On-demand

The minute wrongdoing is suspected, an auditor must understand a whole new set of rules. In this dynamic course, learn how thinking like a prosecutor when you suspect fraud can help you ensure justice for your client or employer. Knowing these rules will result in more frequent convictions and higher amounts of restitution.

Career prosecutor and former corporate lawyer District Attorney Ben David teaches auditors and accountants how to hold white-collar offenders fully responsible for their crimes by using methods he developed in prosecuting all types of cases for 25 years. What does the beating death of a defenseless homeless man in an alleyway have to do with corporate malfeasance? How does convicting an impaired driver on two counts of second-degree murder relate to sending an office manager and an accountant to prison for embezzlement? Workshop participants can learn the same proven methods that have helped David win every jury trial.
You will learn the best methods to follow when you spot the signs of fraud as well as what you should do and not do when dealing with suspected perpetrators. You will learn the five types of evidence to collect to prove any case and how to be prepared for the five defenses that can be raised by a defendant to any crime. David will also discuss crime prevention efforts through the development of ethics panels and investigative tactics. 

Ultimately, success in prosecuting a white-collar offender comes down to effective communication and building a winning case. In this groundbreaking course, David will teach participants how to respond when fraud is detected and to speak the language of prosecutors to hold offenders accountable.

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