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IIA Lebanon is the local chapter of The Institute of Internal Auditors. Our goal is to link the professional association of internal auditors in Lebanon to the outside world. By becoming a member, fellow professionals, external auditors, IT auditors, government auditors, as well as assurance providers, consultants, educators, students, and all interested parties are invited to learn more about internal auditing and its developments.

IIA Lebanon's mission includes, but not restricted to, shedding light on the new concepts related to internal audit and its role in maintaining the transparency and compliance with laws and international standards and best practices, which contribute to safeguard the organizations and help achieve its objectives.

IIA Lebanon was set up in 2001 and gained approval to become the official llA affiliate in Lebanon with over 460 members and professional practitioners. In line with its mission, the Institute Of Internal Audit Of Lebanon offers training, workshops, seminars, and international conferences with the objective of promoting the internal audit profession within the business community. It has been inviting leading speakers from across the world to share their experience and knowledge with business leaders and audit professionals within Lebanon.


As a member of IIA Lebanon, an internal auditor achieves recognition as a professional, dedicated to maintaining high standards and a code of ethics that earns respect, trust, and competence.

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Building Awareness Champions

We are pleased to be a 2023 Building Awareness Champion!

During Internal Audit Awareness Month in May, we shared our passion for internal auditing, promoting the profession through a variety of events and campaigns designed to inform and engage, raise awareness, and help stakeholders understand the value of internal audit in their organizations.

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