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IIA Zambia Membership

Why Join The Institute of Internal Auditors Zambia?

As an internal auditor for your organization, you are an advocate for sound governance and effective controls. What's the best way to stay abreast of the latest developments and meet the demands of an ever-changing profession and its fast-paced technological changes? The answer is simple. Turn to the acknowledged leader, recognized authority, and primary educator — The Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA)!

Along with this increased prominence and responsibility comes increased risk for you as an internal auditor. To perform at peak efficiency, you must be thoroughly knowledgeable about control models, new computer security, and much more. It is virtually impossible to keep up with best practices on your own.

Benefits of IIA Membership

IIA membership helps members to network locally and globally, provides resources at your fingertips, and improves your leadership capabilities. Further, the following are some of the other benefits of membership.

Stay Connected.

  • Grow your personal and professional support system through your local IIA Institute.
  • Expand your network and professional presence by participating locally, nationally, or globally as a volunteer leader.
  • Build strong connections while learning best practices at IIA conferences and seminars.
  • Gain new solutions, best practices, and industry news through The IIA's social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Share your expertise by speaking at conferences, submitting editorial content to our very own local magazine "The Code", and uploading videos to the web.
  • Take advantage of special centers/groups focused on gaming, financial services, government, and CAEs to discuss challenges and best practices.
  • Get involved in local university and Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) school programs to support the growth of the profession's future.

Boost Your Knowledge.

  • World-class training through seminars, eWorkshops, eSeminars, on-site training, and on-demand self-study courses.
  • Annual national and international conferences on leading practices, trends, and issues.
  • Key Insights: Internal Auditor magazine,, thought leadership, IIA SmartBrief, and blogs featuring global perspectives on trends and issues.
  • Instant Social Access: Daily updates on timely topics: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Latest Industry Research: Conducted by thought leaders in the profession exploring current issues, emerging trends, and future needs through The IIA Research Foundation.
  • Practitioner-reviewed Bookstore: Choose from hundreds of titles related to internal auditing.
  • Access essential tools for planning and development of audit teams: benchmarking, trend reports, and quality assessments.

Gain More Confidence.

  • The IIA's certifications, including the CIA certification, are the most prestigious in the internal audit industry. Studies show employers recognize the effort, compensating professionals with IIA certifications better than their uncertified counterparts. 
  • The IIA has developed the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL) to support leaders on their journey to be the next generation of visionaries for the profession.
  • IIA volunteer leaders receive training, professional recognition, and opportunities for continued growth that is difficult to get elsewhere.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to showcase your leadership skills and expertise by speaking at conferences and events and contributing to industry and professional publications.
  • The Partner Savings Program provides exclusive member pricing and savings from trusted providers.
  • Tone at the Top supports your stakeholder relationship by providing them with concise, leading-edge information on top issues affecting the internal audit process.


You've made a great decision to join The IIA. We will connect you with the resources and people you need to succeed in your career. IIA Zambia offers membership for individuals residing and practicing internal auditing in Zambia.

New to The IIA?

All you need to do is JOIN! Follow the steps below to secure your IIA membership.

  1. Make a decision now.
  2. Download IIA-Zambia Membership-Application-Form.doc and email to and
  3. Proceed with the required payment. Details are on the application form.
  4. Your application will be processed.

Existing Member?

All members are required to pay an annual subscription due by 15 January as prescribed by the Board of Directors. Please download the Membership Subscription Renewal form and return to and

Membership Fees

The following membership fees are applicable for membership from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 :

Description Fees
Application Fee
• (once off, non-refundable)
• Individual Subscription Fee

K 850.00
Student Application Fee
• (once off, non-refundable – full-time students)  

K 100.00
Student Subscription Fee
• (applies to Student Membership Class)  

K 200.00
Retired Subscription Fee
• (applies to Retired Membership Class)  

K 550.00
Group Subscription Fees * 
• 6-15 Members 
• 16-30 Members
• 31-50 Members
• 51-75 Members
• 76-100 Members
• Over 101 Members 

K 840.00
K 830.00
K 820.00
K 810.00
K 800.00
K 800.00


*Group subscription rates are for entities who pay for their members in a single invoice at the beginning of the membership subscription year and meet all terms and conditions for group discounts.