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IIA Zimbabwe Membership

To join IIA Zimbabwe:

  1. Please review the Membership Brochure.
  2. Download and complete the Membership Application and email to
  3. Your application will be studied for approval.
  4. Once it is approved, you will proceed with the required payment.​

IIA Zimbabwe Membership Brochure
IIA Zimbabwe Membership Application

Requirements for Membership

Dues – All members shall be subject to annual dues prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Download the membership brochure here.

Membership Types​​​

Membership Type Description
​Member ​The class of Member shall consist of the members and shall be open to eligible internal auditors;
​Student Member ​The class of Student Member shall be open to those engaged in the study of internal auditing or related courses in colleges or universities, provided such persons cannot qualify as a member, an Associate Member of and Educational Associate Member.
​Honorary Member ​The class of Honorary Member shall be open to persons recommended by the Executive Committee and elected to membership by the Board of Directors in recognition of some outstanding services to the profession of internal auditing or to THE INSTITUTE OF INTERNAL AUDITORS, INC.
​Retired Member ​Open to retired persons who are Members in good standing of The Institute or who relinquished membership in The Institute while in good standing. Such member status also applies to Associate Members and Educational Associate Members​​

Why Join The IIA​

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is the leading source for information and guidance about the internal audit profession. For internal audit practitioners and those impacted by the profession, membership in The IIA is a critical component of your overall strategy for career success. As an IIA member, you are better positioned to add value to your organization through the host of benefits that come with belonging. Here are the top 10 reasons why more than 200,000 members have joined The IIA:​

​Reason Benefit
​Worldwide Network of Professionals ​With members in 165 countries, The IIA network provides advice, support, and best-practice guidance for the profession. Participate in a variety of online discussion groups
​World-Class Training Opportunities ​Institute regularly holds Conferences, seminars, on various topical issues to keep members up-to-date with professional developments. Members will also have opportunities to make valuable, lasting connections through local chapter involvement. It’s an ongoing opportunity to share information, support one another, and create mutually beneficial alliances.
​Opportunities to Advance Your Professionalism ​Whether it’s the CIA, CCSA, CFSA, CGAP, or QIAL an IIA certification or qualification sets you apart and demonstrates your internal audit expertise.
​Increased Knowledge ​E-newsletters, and the award-winning Internal Auditor magazine and various IIA publications provide a global perspective on the latest news affecting the profession.
​Professional Guidance ​The IIA Standards, practice advisories, practice guides, and the Common Body of Knowledge provide must-have guidance to enable you to perform at your very best.
​Leadership Development ​As a member, you can lend your expertise by speaking at conferences, writing articles, contributing to research, or teaching other professionals at an IIA seminar.
​Books and Research ​Exclusive member pricing on IIA branded items and  internal audit modules CIA. The institute also has a library well stock with internal auditing books, magazines and journals​