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CIA 2025

CIA Exams

To assist our Certified Internal Auditor® candidates, this page was created to provide answers to common questions candidates may have related to the syllabi and exam updates starting in 2025. Information is subject to change.

Updated CIA Syllabi

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | How/Why the Exam is Changing

What is changing?

The topic areas on each CIA exam syllabus will be  updated to:

  • Bring the exams up to date with the current global practice of internal auditing.
  • Create greater alignment between the CIA syllabi and The IIA’s new Global Internal Audit Standards.
  • Minimize duplication and overlap among the three exam parts.
  • Clarify the knowledge, skills, and abilities that exam candidates must possess in order to pass the exam.

Candidate Scenarios | FAQs


 Language Release Schedule:

English, CIA Challenge Exams 1 May 2025
Chinese Traditional, Japanese 1 July 2025
Thai, Korean 1 August 2025
Portuguese 1 September 2025
Spanish, French 1 October 2025
Polish, German 1 November 2025
Turkish, Russian 1 December 2025
Chinese Simplified, Arabic 1 September 2026