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CAE Bulletin Issue: July 9, 2024

CAE Bulletin The IIA Jul 09, 2024

In This Issue

Internal Audit: Vision 2035 to Be Unveiled This Month at International Conference
New Internal Audit Foundation Report Addresses Trends in the Talent Pipeline
PCAOB Asks Investors to Add Feedback on Proposal About Material Misstatement
EY Report: CAEs Should Be Watching 3 Sustainability-Related Regulations
CIIA in UK Warns: AI Is Expected to ‘Turbocharge’ Cyber Crime and Fraud Cases
Before Implementing GenAI, CEOs and Other Leaders Need to Ask 5 Questions
Director Liability Comes Into Focus in Numerous Maui Wildfire Lawsuits
Retiring EY CEO Says Mentoring Works Best When It’s Part of a Team Culture

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