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All Things Internal Audit Podcast: Exploring IPPF Topical Requirements

All Things Internal Audit Catherine Brown Jun 03, 2024

In this episode, George Barham, director of Standards and Professional Guidance for Technology at The IIA, discusses the Topical Requirements component of the International Professional Practices Framework.

This conversation covers:
-Purpose and importance of Topical Requirements in the IPPF
-Background and development of Topical Requirements
-Explanation of Topical Requirements' structure and components
-Quality assessment of Topical Requirements
-Focus on draft Cybersecurity Topical Requirement
-Public comment period and practitioner feedback opportunity
-Enhancing relevance and value of internal audit services

If you're interested in providing feedback for the Topical Requirements surveys.

This episode is available on all major podcast platforms or on our 
YouTube channel.

Catherine Brown