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All Things Internal Audit Tech: Risk and Cyber Audit Opportunities With AI

All Things Internal Audit Catherine Brown Jun 28, 2024

In this episode, thought leaders discuss the groundbreaking applications of AI in enhancing compliance programs, continuous risk assessment, and cybersecurity audits. Industry experts share real-world examples, such as the use of ChatGPT for PCI DSS compliance and dynamic risk scoring frameworks. Discover how AI is making audit processes more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective, and learn about the crucial role it plays in improving internal audit services.

This conversation covers:

  • AI's role in developing and testing PCI DSS compliance programs
  • Training AI models on organizational systems for tailored risk assessments
  • Continuous risk assessment through AI-powered automation
  • AI applications in scenario analysis using cross-departmental data
  • Enhancing dynamic and efficient risk assessment processes with AI
  • AI in cybersecurity audits for improved accuracy and cost reduction
  • Leveraging AI for better communication and collaboration in audits
  • Real-world examples of AI tools streamlining risk assessment and compliance tasks


  • Brian Willis, LBMC senior manager, cybersecurity advisor
  • Kunal Agrawal, Diligent customer success director
  • Ethan Rojhani, Grant Thornton principal, risk advisory services
  • Wes Luckock, Grant Thornton senior manager, AI, automation and analytics

Catherine Brown