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Donor Spotlight

Yvette Adams, CIA, CRMA

Donor, Chapter Leader, Member of Chapter Relations Committee (CRC)

I was initially inspired to become a donor after I learned of some of the initiatives the Foundation takes on to support and advance the Internal Audit profession.  Specifically, the research offered by the Foundation are timely and relevant to the challenges and changes that occur in business.  I have gained valuable insights through reading their publications over the years about auditing corporate culture,  changes to the audit profession and expectations, and the impact of IT innovation and change (just to name a few). 

Additionally, I think the work the Foundation does to support colleges, universities, and students is invaluable.  When I was in college, there was a lot of focus on external auditing, and not a lot of focus on internal auditing.  I didn’t even know internal audit was a thing.  After stumbling into my career, I have learned what an important function internal audit is to an organization.  Our skills provide insight, perspective, and assurance to the board and management through our work to analyze the organization’s objectives with corresponding risks and controls.  It is so exciting to see the rising generation of professionals learn about our important profession! 

I feel like I can share in some of the success of the outputs of the Foundation, knowing that I am a part of that through my contributions. I continue to support the Foundation because I recognize the value they provide to the profession through research, as well as their work to introduce the internal audit profession early to emerging professionals.

Join us as we prepare for the future, invest in the future of the profession.

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