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Data Analytics/Fraud Bundle

Format: On-demand

As organizations move from generating data to being powered by data, data analytics can give internal auditors a better understanding of operations and the associated risks, including fraud risk. Data analytics helps internal auditors identify risks that may be missed with traditional methodologies.

Additionally, big data has become increasingly important in today’s organizations, and the ability to understand and analyze it is a critical driver of organizational success. Internal auditors must develop the knowledge to effectively provide assurance over big data concerns, including one of the most significant risks of big data faced by organizations — fraud. This Data Analytics/Fraud bundle introduces data analytics, the benefits and challenges of using data analytics, and provides guidance for developing processes and the data analysis tools that can be used to detect fraud in the early stages. In addition, this bundle will dig deep into assurance engagements, and how to incorporate the specific consideration of fraud into the process.

This training bundle includes the following courses:

  1. Data Analytics Overview
  2. Defining Populations for Data Analytics
  3. Data Sampling
  4. CAATs, Data Mining, and Other Internal Audit Activities
  5. Assessing Fraud Risk
  6. Risk, Fraud, and Illegal Acts
  7. Auditing Culture and Conduct

To learn more about each course comprising the bundle- including specific learning objectives- please visit the unique course product pages.

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