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Academic Resources

Invest in the Future Through Student Programs

The Internal Audit Foundation's academic fund mission is to carry out the educational and charitable purposes for internal audit education by collecting and distributing funds to support the awareness and teaching of internal auditing in post-secondary educational institutions worldwide.

Contributions to the academic fund allow the Foundation to provide professors and students an opportunity to access the resources needed to promote and study internal auditing globally. An investment in the Foundation’s academic fund is an investment in the future of the profession of internal auditing.

To date, we have:

■Awarded $1.6 million (USD) in
■Formed 52 university partnerships
     and 23 awareness programs in 14
     countries worldwide.
■Taught 5,000 students annually.

Donation Designations

Contributions* to the Foundation's academic fund are accepted from individuals, IIA chapters/Institutes, organizations, and foundations.

See our global partnership schools.