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​Shared Success Is Hallmark of 2020 Efforts to Build Awareness

January 12, 2021

Acknowledging the exceptional efforts made to rise to the challenge of advocating for the value of internal audit during a global pandemic, The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) presents 34 affiliates and chapters with a specially-designed 2020 Building Awareness Champion Digital Award.

The Building Awareness Champion Digital Award recognizes the hard work by affiliates and chapters to actively promote the profession during International Internal Audit Awareness Month, celebrated annually in May. However, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted us to modify recognition activities with a focus on how internal audit’s role in and during the crisis was elevated.

As in the years since 2014, when the Building Awareness Champion program began, showcasing International Internal Audit Awareness Month is a serious undertaking for participants, but perhaps never more so than in 2020, when the world was in the throes of the pandemic. Champions’ passion for the profession was on display, as a quick pivot from in-person to virtual events, for example, became the new normal. The IIA salutes all of the chapters, affiliates, leaders, and members who met the many challenges and showed internal audit’s vital role throughout the year.

For those searching for virtual engagement ideas to kick-start 2021 awareness activities, there is much to learn from the accounts shared by others. The events showcased – from COVID-19-related webinars, to virtual happy hours, to community outreach, and more – were well-attended and much appreciated.

Read more about those successes.

Though May shines a spotlight on the profession, practitioners know that advocating is a year-round undertaking. The IIA thanks everyone who participated in International Internal Audit Awareness Month in 2020, and encourages participants to start thinking now about how they will build awareness in 2021. If, in the planning, your organization has ideas you’d like to share, please send those to

Below is the complete list of the 2020 Building Awareness Champions.

  • IIA–Bahamas Chapter
  • IIA–Bangladesh
  • IIA–Belgium
  • IIA–Brazil
  • IIA–Calgary Chapter
  • IIA–Chile
  • IIA–Chinese Taiwan
  • IIA–Colombia
  • IIA–Costa Rica
  • IIA–Cyprus
  • IIA–Dominican Republic
  • IIA–Ecuador
  • IIA–El Salvador
  • IIA–Finland
  • FLAI
  • IIA–Greece
  • IIA–Guatemala
  • IIA–Haiti
  • IIA–Korea
  • IIA–Lebanon
  • IIA–Nicaragua
  • IIA–Palm Beach County Chapter
  • IIA–Panama
  • IIA–Paraguay
  • IIA–Philippines
  • IIA–Singapore
  • IIA–Sweden
  • IIA–Turkey
  • IIA–Uganda
  • IIA–Uruguay
  • IIA–Vancouver Chapter
  • IIA–Venezuela