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Fraud Auditing


According to ACFE, “internal audit detects fraud 15% of the time, while external audit merely 4% of the time.” How can we as the internal audit profession, break away from this stigmatic statistic?

It is well known that fraud can disrupt operations, pose compliance risks, blemish an organization’s reputation, and cost the organization and/or stakeholders substantial amounts of money.  While management — with board oversight — holds the primary responsibility for establishing and monitoring effective controls to deter and detect fraud, internal audit activity is required to evaluate the risk of fraud. 

During this course, areas of potential high fraud risk will be discussed and recommendations for mitigation of fraud are presented.

This course will provide participants with an overview of the detection, assessment, investigation, and mitigation of fraud. This course also addresses fraud risk management and the importance of a fraud risk framework in mitigating fraud at an organizational level. Finally, participants will deepen their understanding of fraud types, sources, and risks and how to apply this insight at the engagement level, through a lens of innovative techniques. 

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