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Academic Relations Resources for Educators

Since education is the foundation of any profession, The IIA is committed to increasing and enhancing internal audit education in universities worldwide. Therefore, a robust academic program to prepare students for the profession of internal auditing has been designed by The IIA with input from educators and practitioners around the world.

This program allows for various degrees of commitment by schools based on their needs and capacity. IIA benefits are aligned with the commitment provided by the school. To assist schools in determining what might comprise an internal audit curriculum, The IIA Global Model Internal Audit Curriculum has been developed using The IIA's Competency Framework, Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) Study, Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) exam syllabus, and feedback from educators and practitioners.

The IIA Global Model Internal Audit Curriculum

Academic Awareness Program

For schools wanting to be recognized by The IIA for teaching internal auditing but only able to provide limited commitment, the Academic Awareness Program was created to focus on assisting these schools in their desire to promote internal auditing as a career choice for their students.

Learn more about The IIA's Academic Awareness Program and its participating program partners.

Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) Program


For schools wanting a more formal affiliation with The IIA, the IAEP program was created to focus on a quality internal audit curriculum approved by The IIA, and a partnership among the local IIA chapter/Institute, the participating IAEP program university and The IIA. The general conformance of the internal audit curriculum provides practitioners with an understanding of the degree of internal audit education at each of the participating IAEP program schools.

Educator Resources for Internal Audit Awareness

The IIA and educators and volunteers from across the globe created resources to assist those advocating the internal audit profession and internal audit education within academia.

Below are tools and resources to aid you when engaging students that may be interested in internal auditing as a career choice.

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*Support of The IIA’s Academic Relations efforts is made possible through the Academic Fund.