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Updating Standards for a Changing World

Global Perspectives and Insights The IIA Feb 10, 2023

Global Perspectives & Insights: 


Updating Standards for a Changing World

The future demands internal audit services that are timely, relevant, and impactful. This requires standards that are insightful, prescient, clear and direct. To meet that demand, The IIA will release a public comment draft that dramatically changes how the Standards and other elements of the IPPF are presented and explained. 

This SPECIAL EDITION of Global Perspectives & Insights provides an overview of the proposed new Global Internal Audit Standards, background on how they were developed, and considerations for how the updated Standards can be applied. It also examines how conformance to the updated Standards will help future generations of internal auditors meet and exceed the demands of our stakeholders and add value to their organizations.


The Institute of Internal Auditors